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Mass Media: A History (Digital Download)

Mass Media: A History (Digital Download)

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James Corbett of The Corbett Report presents Mass Media: A History, an online course examining the history of media, exploring media's impact on society, and revealing where technological developments in media technology are taking us in the future. If you like The Corbett Report documentaries, you'll love this detailed deep dive into one of the most important topics facing humanity in the 21st century.

The download includes over 6 hours of lecture in both audio and video formats, a complete hyperlinked transcript of the entire course, a study guide for each lesson complete with summaries of key ideas and questions for further research, and a copy of the slideshow presentation used in each lecture.

Supporters will receive a download link for the 1.8 GB ZIP file. (Desktop or laptop computer recommended.)

Web-based notes for this course:

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